Optimization of oil-fuel system, cost and environmental savings

Lubrication inspection and condition monitoring
Checking and inspecting an oil supply system in order to monitor the condition of the application/machine and monitor.
Contamination studies and problem solving
Research into the nature of the contamination in both solid, liquid and gas form, looking for a 'best practice' on both technical and economic aspects.
Oil-Fuel sampling, trend analysis and failure investigation
Sampling an oil or fuel reservoir according to a schedule that can be used to draw up a trend analysis in the long term that can also be used as a guideline for the failure investigation.
Oil analysis program development
Starting, supervising and setting up an oil condition measurements for the operational staff and / or the installation manager, in such a way that measurable results are visible in the long term.
Purification, recuperation and life time extension
Cleaning oil or fuel before use or partial recovery of used oil. Maintaining the good cleanliness of the oil will promote its lifespan.
Education and training
Practical (short) training sessions in practice for operational staff and theoretical courses on oil and oil maintenance for the installation manager.


  • Oil samples

    Taking, analyzing and optimizing samples.

  • No problem at sea either

    Damen Sea trial MV Union Gold

  • Diesel bugs

    Tug boat fuel tank bacteria colony

  • Sampling

    Water in oil

  • Sampling on location

    APM Terminal Zeebrugge

  • Sampling

    Sampling equipment