Below is shown an HTO system pipe line on board of MV Rossini. The picture clearly shows the build-up of sediment/scaling in the pipe line. The effect is reduction of the full passage effecting the liquid velocity and the heat transfer of the system.


Sediment on the inside of the tubes reduces the heat transfer efficacy.

Above is an example of the passage characteristic of oil through clean and contaminated tubes.

Reduction of contaminations and CCR (Conrad Carbon Residue) in the HTO system will benefit the heat transfer and therefore reduce energy consumption. Recovery of flash point will enhance safety of the oil system.

Thermal fluid heat transfer

Increase of sediment/scaling in the inner tube wall caused reduction of heat transfer and promotes more sediment/scaling.

In the 2006 case study on board of MV Pride of Rotterdam was examined the particle size distribution of the contaminants, the results and the benefits. The problem was solved within a short time utilizing relatively simple technical equipment at low cost.

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